Dr. Amit Sharda


Our fearless leader Dr. Amit Sharda heads the Innate Marketing ship! Enthusiastic, driven, committed, and a trailblazer in this industry, he understands your business because he’s a chiropractor himself, currently running one of the busiest chiropractic firms in Canada, SpineWise. Mix in over a decade of hands-on experience in the chiropractic world with Amit’s digital-marketing savvy, and you have yourself a recipe for clinic success. On top of launching a health clinic franchise in 2012, keeping atop his own high-profile chiro business, and being featured in Canadian Chiropractic magazine; Sharda has been dabbling in digital lead generation in regard to medical vertical for over nine years now. He also manages digital marketing strategies for large American-based medtech companies, and has created a revolutionary medtech app used in Canada, called

A successful chiropractor and digital marketing guru, one has to wonder if there’s anything that Amit hasn’t done in the business world? Well in 2008, his love for exotic foods had him diving into the frozen pizza industry with a uniquely crafted India-inspired pie. So, it as seems, Amit is clearly master of all trades!

When the good doctor isn’t handling patients, strategizing about digital marketing plans, or eating spiced-up pizza, he’s spending time with his family; diving into adventures with his wife, two daughters, and son.