Here’s Everything You Get

Why struggle with building a chiropractic clinic on your own when there is an easier (and proven) way to streamline new clients to your business?

Innate Marketing provides an end-to-end campaign that will increase your revenues, add new patients to your practice, and make your digital marketing strategies and techniques as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here Is Everything That Is Included In Your Service

Landing Pages + Hosting

We create tailored landing pages for your chiropractic business with proven results to attract preferred customers. Why turn to high-priced agencies that will only overcharge you? You can work with Innate and experience incredible customer service and guaranteed results in the chiropractic niche!

Integrated Scheduling Page & System

Here’s where we get those leads and bring them to your door! New patients will now see what your available time slots are for potential appointments. Innate’s system works with industry-leading chiropractic schedulers, and patients will not only see slots for open appointments, but also have check boxes around their top health concerns so you have something to talk about during your first session with them.

Advertising & Social Media Campaigns

Why waste precious time and money trying to design ads and figuring out social media marketing, when Innate can do it for you? Social media is our speciality, and we focus on quality lead generation to ensure your success!

Targeting & Retargeting Focus

Posting an ad is one thing; however, strategically “following” potential new clients after they have clicked on your ad until they schedule an appointment is an entirely different campaign focus; one that Innate Marketing offers. We aren’t happy, and won’t stop, until that patient walks through your door.

Ongoing Ad Design & Content Writing

Innate Marketing can offer eye-popping content, hand-in-hand with stellar-performing ads, which stem from targeted campaigns that have received proven results in the past. Everything is tailor-made to perfectly fit your chiropractic clinic to a “T”.

Personalized Email Drip Campaign

For the most part, new patients won’t schedule that first appointment right away, and this is where Innate comes in. We customize emails with compelling content to help those potential clients take that next step, directly through your clinic’s doors.

Text Message Drip Campaign

Everyone is on their phone these days, and text messages are an instant way to ensure your content gets to that new lead. It’s the same idea as an email; however, with a higher rate of knowing that it’ll be received instantly and opened on the spot. Why wait for content to reach someone’s inbox when you can text them?

Instant Call Technology

An automated inbound phone call is prompted within 30 seconds of a new patient submitting their information. Your chiropractic assistant answers it, presses one, and initiates an outbound call directly to your lead.

Call Scripts

Ensuring you have the right wording during your first contact with a potential new lead is huge. This is your opprotunity to shine.

Monthly reports

Innate offers you detailed weekly reports every Monday to see where you are at with your campaign results, and where you are going.

Monthly calls

We are all about being “hands on” with each of our clients, and their campaigns. An account manager dedicated to your practice will reach out regularly to touch base, answer any questions, and offer an update on your campaign.

Your Lead Management Dashboard

Get your very own dashboard (CRM) where you manage and communicate with your leads by text message and email, listen to all your recorded calls, send out Google review requests, check booked appointments, and much more!  This is the central hub of your marketing program.  This alone is a $600/month value!


From marekting consultants, to social media experts, software developers, graphic designers, and more; Innate Marketing has compiled a team of industry leaders for you to tap into. Their experience and hands-on knowledge can help you and your clinic reach new heights, achieve revenue goals, and hit all-time milestone highs.

Call Tracking & Call Recording

We provide you a call tracking phone number, in your area code, to track the effectiveness of our campaigns.  You’ll be ecstatic when you see how we make your phone ring!  Each call is recorded so that you can check how your front desk is doing with getting the patients in the door.

Automatic Google Review Requests

We connect with your Google Business page to enable you to send patients a Google review request on demand by either email or text message.  This builds up your online credibility and increases your Google search rankings.   As the months go you, your rankings on Google will climb up and your reviews will skyrocket giving you instant credibility as the go to clinic!

Ringless Voicemails

Dislike leaving voicmeails?  Not to worry, our system takes care of it for you!   If a lead does not answer their phone, our system will leave the lead a personalized voicemail without their phone ringing, asking them to call your clinic.   Your front desk will thank you!

Each Of Innate Marketing's Services Are Uniquely Designed To Place New Patient Leads On The Following Path …

The Customer Journey


Customized, unique adverts are placed to your audience and potential new clients.

Landing Page

This is where the good stuff gets better, and lead generation happens.

Appointment Booking

Potential new patients will find a day and time to schedule with you. Best part is, you’ll know what their primary issues are before they even step foot in your clinic.

First Appointment

It’s showtime! Prove to them why they made the right choice when they clicked on that link.

New Client Becomes Lifelong Client

After a stellar first appointment, your new client will become a dedicated one that not only seeks your services when they are in need, but also refers you to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours!



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