eight. Go all in which have intercourse chairs

5. Lather with lubricant.

Lube really does so you can sex exactly what honey mustard really does so you’re able to poultry snacks, makes ’em ways wetter and better. (Usually do not myself, ordinary sandwiches was lifeless AF.)

“Few bodies create enough natural lubrication to keep penetration pleasurable for the duration of intercourse,” says Goody Howard, a Texas-based sex educator. Adding a squirt or three of store-bought lube can help increase pleasure. Friction, chafing, and pain begone!

6. Throw-in a cushion.

Old-fashioned dog will not make certain an orgasm, unfortuitously adequate. So you can your possibility of the top O, get into your own antique doggy-concept reputation along with you on the fours, following set an effective wedge cushion (otherwise a number of agency pillows) under your belly in order to raise external strain on the instinct and you may hips-which ups the ante toward sensations you have made during sex. Continue reading “eight. Go all in which have intercourse chairs”