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beyond the curve international film festival

Mark Lund’s First Signal became the winner of the best Sci-fi movie in payroll. Or stories focused on characters, documentaries or history of Queer. By submitting your film, you agree that Beyond the Curve International Film Festival can use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster) for promotional purposes. A short synopsis and digital still photo is required for all scripts and all entries for the jury, and for our website announcements should you win. If your film is not in English, make sure it has English subtitles where necessary.

It’s the first in a series of videos documenting how different organizations are reaching out to help the Detroit community. In June 2021, District Six Rising from the Dust by Weaam Williams won the best documentary film award from Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. Beyond the Curve International Film Festival was founded in 2019. Though the region was specified, the founder didn’t want to restrict the festival within a boundary. Therefore, BCIFF was made to be a global platform, for films around the world to be showcased. With time, BCIFF has become one of highest rated festivals in Film freeway. The broader aspect of the division in the categories brings flexibility and diversity in submissions more.

beyond the curve international film festival

As a child, she grew up cooking with her grandmother and mother. Rachel’s grandmother Phyllis is a Russian American Jew who always been ahead of the curve when it came to food. Phyllis inspired Rachel to always try different foods and learn to cook cultural cuisines. Rachel Beth Sayet or Akitusut is a member of the Mohegan nation. Raised with the spirits of her ancestors, she grew up learning traditional stories and teachings and participating in tribal events. Thank you to Jovan Johnson, CEO of for your generous support to artists in these challenging times of our industry.

I’m also pleased to announce that First Signal is an official selection of Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. When I was looking at their selections page and saw First Signal’s poster among a sea of films, I was struck by the sheer quality of the other projects.

This is a marketing practice that I’ve employed for many years. Body image is an intellectual or idealized image of what one’s body beyond the curve international film festival is – or should look like. It is sometimes misconceived, and influenced heavily by the fashion industry, media and society.

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Among 75 official selections from 25 countries (the largest number in Venice’s history) featuring 71 world premieres, there is a deliberate mix of what Marco Muller, the festival director, calls highbrow and popular art. Films that pleased, offended, or were remakes of previous films engendered debate and emotional reactions, which is what I believe a film festival should do. Andrew Stern is a photographer, cinematographer and film producer whose work has taken him to the planet’s farthest reaches on countless projects. His primary areas of concentration are the social and political issues of our time, but he has also photographed campaigns for many titans of industry and technology. His photojournalism has won numerous awards and has appeared in Harpers, The New York Times, The Guardian and many other publications and exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Films he has shot and produced have been featured in and won awards at film festivals including Tribeca Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival, and Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Having expressed my admiration for Venice 66, I must add that I have seen the most extraordinary fusion imaginable of art and film in Peter Greenaway’s The Wedding At Cana ongoing project that will eventually illuminate nine great paintings, a surprise screening that I saw twice. The official sections included Venezia 66, whose jury, headed by Ang Lee, awarded the Golden Lion for Best Film to Lebanon, based on Israel’s invasion of that country in 1982, in which the director, Samuel Maoz, participated as a young soldier, and for the past 20 years has been trying to come to terms with the experience. He is the third Israeli director to deal with the horrors of that war, after Ari Folman and Joseph Cedar , and can expect a mixed reception in Israel. Arne Dunker is the CEO of the Climate House Museum in Bremerhaven, Germany.

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In this film, he talks to his son about some of the things he’s been through and what he’s doing to try to make the world a better place. The Cleveland International Film Festival promotes artistically and culturally significant film arts through education and exhibition to enrich the life of the community. Our Festival would read your script and give you a report about your film.

beyond the curve international film festival

Sign up to receive updates on the film and future screening opportunities. Illegal African immigrant Lucky works the seedier side of Manhattan’s fashion district, hustling knock-off designer shoes and handbags.

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BCIFF, also known as Beyond The Curve International Film Festival, is a festival which promotes independent films and Indie Filmmakers from around the world. BCIFF is an international film festival based in Paris, France. According to their website, The festival intends to make the language of film universal and more democratic. Baker was one of the few American filmmakers able to attend IndieLisboa, a shame considering the real hospitality of the festival staff and the relaxed vibe of the entire event. No power lunches or industry-only screenings here; instead, filmmakers had the space and time to mingle with one another, and to respond to audience hungry for new filmmaking. “It was encouraging to see how enthusiastic the audiences are for indie film,” Baker noted. While construction of a new Palazzo del Cinema is under way in the center of the film festival venue, causing some dislocation and confusion, Venice’s 66th edition (Sept. 2 – Sept. 12) produced a festival it can be proud of, diversified enough to offer something of quality for everyone but catering to no one.

His films have been distributed on Netflix, National Geographic, STARZ, PBS, and he has worked with The Wildlife Society, Borderlands Research Institute, YETI, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, and other great brands and NGOs. A proud Texan, Masters loves riding a good horse through new country, filming wildlife stories that haven’t been documented before, and using movies to help conserve wildlife and wild places. Alwatban took a course in the Fall 2020 semester with Professor Mallory Saleson, who arranged for his group to work with Food for Others. For 25 years Food for Others , a local Fairfax County organization, has provided food to more than 2600 local families each week, relying on food rescue operations and food drives, as well as donations by members of the local community. In a three-month period in 2020, Dustin Lape, Program Manager at FFO estimates their demand increased over 300% from the same period in 2019. This award-winning short film will bring FFO much needed attention, as COVID-19 has created a larger-than-normal demand for their services.

Toronto Film festival, Tribeca Film Festival and several other festivals from different countries worked as an inspiration for Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. Their disruptive communication approach, 360° marketing, and their ability to promote the submitters’ work, are some of the qualities mentioned by submitters in their review of BCIFF. In an interview, The organizers said that BCIFF is currently collaborating with other film entities to further expand their band.

Filmed edited, colored and scored in 3 weeks to capture the Christmas backdrop. Topher Horn composed the score which features a live string quartet that was recorded remotely. “SA documentary ‘District Six Rising From The Dust’ wins award in France”.

  • Percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and diet to achieve their ideal body shape.
  • The filmmakers talked at length about the challenges of making the film, set inside the Israeli city of Jaffa, at a Talking Pictures seminar on Sunday morning.
  • The production of this involved no film crew outside of me and a camera.
  • Directed by Roland Vranik, it’s alternately mesmerizing and maddening.
  • This exceptional documentary takes us boldly into an American border town that has been caught in the middle of the daily life and death situation created by our current immigration system.
  • Short film documentary filmed during COVID-19 about a local activist and business owner who had been subjected to illegal surveillance by the police.

The one thing I’ve learned is not to be desperate to do a deal. I look at it like this, you wouldn’t buy a house without a home inspection, so conduct the same when a sales agent wants to do a deal—contact filmmakers that have signed with them. Shortly after my last post, the news came that Beyond the Curve International Film Festival had awarded First Signal Best Sci-Fi Movie. About a week later Aasha International Film Festival granted us the same award. It’s one thing to be accepted into a festival, it’s another to win an award.

Made in American territories located as near to Asia as to the U.S. mainland, both films merge American-indie tropes and character structure with the aesthetic freedom and experimental ethos of new work from the Philippines and China, creating a blend that’s truly (to echo the festival’s claim) a bridge between East and West. As for art, I saw Tenet last week and could easily attribute it to the surrealism of a Salvador Dali. The one thing about a Christopher Nolan film is he demands that his audience think. When I first see a Nolan film, I take in the stunning cinematography that’s always complimented with a rapturous score. The first viewing must be seen in a theatre as that’s where it’s designed to be experienced.

Andrew is also the CEO of Be Electric Studios, a hub for the photo and film production community in NYC that he founded in 2014. Not just content highlighting the island’s talents, HIFF continued to solidify its rising status as one of North America’s premiere destinations for Asian cinema. Spotlights on Filipino commercial cinema and Okinawan filmmaking saw the fest reaching out to its fellow “islanders,” with Yosuke Nakagawa’s quiet tearjerker Cobalt Blue and Yuji Nakae’s winning tropical-Shakespeare Midsummer’s Okinawan Dream among the standouts in the latter section. The Environmental Film Festival at Yale , hosted by the Yale School of the Environment at Yale University, is one of America’s premier student-run environmental film festivals. Every spring, EFFY showcases incisive, cutting edge films that highlight the environmental and social issues of our time.

This year they solidified that relationship, with a program that reads like a who’s who of current U.S. indies, including Lance Hammer’s Ballast and Sean Baker’s Prince of Broadway , as well as Barry Jenkin’s Medicine For Melancholy, Josh Safdie’s The Pleasure of Being Robbed, and Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy. (Ballast, Medicine and Wendy & Lucy have all been written of extensively in Filmmaker). Like Lisbon itself, it rewards those who enjoy traveling off the beaten path, revealing its charms not to those who rush, but those who linger. Says Lucas Rosant, a consultant and member of its selection committee, “The Middle East is one of the only places in the world where they are still opening theaters. The positive effect of the financial crisis here is that investors realize that cinema is crisis-proof. This year for the first time we got sponsors from Bahrain and Kuwait who are looking for Arab content for theaters, TV and DVD. Even Disney is now investing in the production and development of films in Arabic.” Backing up his words, Rosant notes that of the 15 projects in last year’s inaugural Dubai Film Connection, seven have already been shot.

Dreamachine International Film Festival

UK indie Fulwell 73 will open a regional office in the city of Sunderland in north-east England next month, adding to its existing bases in London and LA. Those interested in working on stories from Indigenous creatives should partner with Indigenous broadcasters and producers to counter their lack of cultural understanding, according to the CEO of Canadian production company Stories First. Parisian production company Federation Entertainment has secured global distribution rights to Finnish comedy-drama series Mister8 and will take the series to Mipcom in October. Spanish kidcaster Clan has teamed with Barcelona-based Imira Entertainment to coproduce new 2D animated comedy series Sunnyside Billy. Percent of women are unhappy with their bodies and diet to achieve their ideal body shape.

Award Winners: Past Festivals

Along with his earlier film Take Out (co-directed with Shih-Ching Tsou), Baker is creating a visual history of New York City that will one day stand with Scorcese’s efforts; Baker’s, however, will be recognized as far more immediate, and far more realistic. Few American filmmakers today are able to use the on-the-fly freedom of the digital aesthetic—skeletal crew, little equipment, improvisational filming—to capture the way people live, move, and talk today better than Baker. Mixing a fictionalized plot with a very real situation—the lives of Chinese restaurant workers in Take Out, or marginalized African immigrants in the city’s hustler underground in Prince of Broadway — Baker is developing an aesthetic that’s as vibrant as the Dardennes, but with a New York City roughness all his own. Another pleasure could be found in Brent Anbe’s good-natured comic short Ajumma! Ajumma’s plus-sized Sex and the City-styled heroines , along with its snappy dialogue and underdog pleasures, earned it the Audience Award for Best Short. Oliver is an investigative journalist and award-winning filmmaker, producer and researcher based in the UK. Over the past decade his works have focused on corporate accountability, human rights, environmental issues and colonial legacies, working alongside indigenous communities in the Asia-Pacific region, and especially in Papua New Guinea.

Among the documentary selections, Playing Columbine made a surprisingly convincing case for creative license and free speech in the realm of video games. After crafting a decidedly low-tech game that allows players to reenact the gruesome high school massacre, designer and director Danny Ledonne endured widespread criticism for his alleged insensitivity to the contra asset account shootings. Thoughtfully responding to the controversy, Ledonne interviewed video game designers, players, advocates and critics for a wider perspective on issues related to free speech and gaming. Always an indication of the imminent onset of awards season, AFI Fest typically gets ahead of the curve with world and local premieres of would-be contenders.

In 2005 she was awarded a British Council scholarship to study documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London. Wampanoag Chef and Entrepreneur, Sherry Pocknett, born and raised in Mashpee to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Sherry credits her passion and love of food to both her parents and her tribal life-ways. She was fortunate enough to grow up in the 60’s where both parents were Wampanoag and lived traditionally. A Mother from a family of Great Chefs and a Father who provided for the family by hunting, fishing and bartering.

It’s a tale of a young woman who takes a job working for an old-style literary agent whose chief client is J.D. The struggling writer-to-be starts to discover her own voice as she begins personalizing the responses to his fan mail. Fast forward to the past or so, and countless people have been messaging and texting me images of myself on screen since the documentary – which premiered at the Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival in Toronto last April and May – made its Netflix premiereon February 15. During that hour-long-or-so interview they told me some of the folks who believe the earth isn’t round had come to consider me as more than an ally, but a member of their brain trust. Reviews described the film as “hilarious, informative, but pressing” and “empathetic”, with several commentators praising its “humanistic look at some of the most ridiculed people in America.”

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Those that have worked with me know that I’m someone that doesn’t give up. As a literary agent friend told me last year, “You are truly a dog with a bone.” The First World Universe, that First Signal is part of, has been in development for over a decade. As First Signal continues down the festival route, AFM returns “virtually” next month.

I think any filmmaker starts by producing work with the sincerity and innocence that are driven by the love of storytelling. After accidentally killing an unarmed Black man when his gun fires off through an apartment wall, a young Chinese American cop deals with his guilt and begins to unravel as he navigates the charged and complicated worlds of media, justice and racial politics in modern-day New York. The film, drawn from an actual event in Brooklyn, explores systemic racism. What should books become in the digital age now that they’re freed from the burden of fulfilling tasks like encyclopedias and the Yellow Pages?

Author: David Ringstrom