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    How Innate Works

    Where can new patients for your clinic be found nowadays? The very first rule of marketing is to hang out where your audience is, and right now that’s online in social media.
    Over 2 Billion People use Facebook monthly, and these numbers continue to jump
    1 In Every 5 minutes, a person is scrolling their Facebook or Instagram feeds via a mobile phone
    On Average, People Spend 28% of their time on social networks online
    22 Billion Clicks annually, makes Facebook the biggest opportunity when it comes to online advertisements

    How WE Get Patients To Your Door

    Effective marketing strategies tug at a consumer’s heartstrings, pushing them through aprocess where they think about, analyze, and make a choice when it comes to purchasing a new service or product.

    Known as the “Buyer’s Journey”, this takes form via three simple steps:

    Awareness: A customer sees they have an issue that needs to be addressed.

    Consideration: As they define their problem, they research ways to rectify.

    Decision: They choose to go with a solution that can help solve their issue.

    When done right, through effective and powerful marketing techniques, a “Buyer’s Journey” can equal out to more chiropractic patients, more business growth,as well as, more revenues for you and your practice!

    How We Do This

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    Exclusive to Chiropractic Clinics

    Innate Marketing specializes in driving high-case value clients, exclusively for chiropractic offices. With over a decade of experience in this industry, (and our CEO being a chiropractor himself) we know your business (and we know it well). We can help you grow it to where you really want it to be as we’ve done it time and time again!

    We Build Your Brand

    We create customized ad copy for your ads, along with personal videos, photos, writing and testimonials so that social media users instantaneously identify YOUR practice’s brand. You’ll get to be known as the EXPERT and go-to clinic in your community!

    Automation & Lead Management Training

    A vast number of chiropractic offices are not trained on how to manage an influx of new patient prospect calls. No need to worry…our platform automates new prospect follow-ups to take the burden off the front desk! Innate Marketing will provide you with lead management and conversion training materials to aid practices in building a seven-figure patient-generating business model.

    Get more clients with online marketing

    ROI Tracking

    Track each and every dollar invested with our precise ROI system, which offers you insight on amounts you’ve placed into your campaign, and the value-add from our agency.

    Proven Results = Success In YOUR Clinic’s Future!
    The Number’s Don’t Lie …


    Signifies the new patient revenues produced since 2013, by our clients


    Leads generated (on average) by clients monthly


    New patient leads for clients each month, in total


    Canadian & American markets Innate serves! And we continue to grow …

    REAL Talk From REAL Clients

    Learn about the REAL brand-boosting business results that Innate Marketing offers. Our simple to implement campaigns provide increased client show-up rates and enhanced RIO figures.  This means quick and easy business growth!

    Don’t take our word for it, hear from just a sampling of our happy clients!

    “Our clinical site is rammed full of new patients thanks to the help of Leadsopolis” (our parent company).

    Dr Mark Jagger, Spine Advanced

    Mississauga, ON

    “They spend time training us and our staff making sure we are able to get these leads in the door.”

    Dr Mary Shafer, Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness

    Charlotte, NC

    “I left the campaign in Dr Sharda and the team’s capable hands, and I have to say a year later I am so happy with the results.  Currently I am at capacity to the point where I have to hire a second chiropractor.”

    Dr Jonathan Wong, Northwestern Chiropractic

    Toronto, ON

    “When I first started we had issues filling the schedule.  Now we have team meetings around where to fit all the new patients.  It’s been life changing…..”

    Dr Ryan Parr, SpineWise

    Bowmanville, ON


    Dr. Doug Lichtinger

    Waterford, PA

    I really like the marketing and the people that come in not only have a problem but also want the technique that we do which is wonderful. 

    Dr. Amir Rezaei

    Oshawa, ON

    The marketing program helped me build by business beyond my expectations and better than anything else I’ve ever done over my many years in practice.

    Dr Suhill Samji, Physiomed

    Vancouver, BC

    “Very happy so far.  He’s generating tons and tons of leads…..they are good patients and we are retaining them.  They are coming in, they are paying, they have extended health insurance.”

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